Prácticas en España

10 Best reasons to Work in Spain

1 – Improve your Spanish

Be sure to improve the language being in total dumping in a Spanish ‘speaking company. You’ll have the opportunity to practise the 3rd most spoken language all over the world.

2 – Discover a culture

Spain has an incredible heritage and history, from painting to literature, music and architecture and numerous monuments to visit. You’ll have the great opportunity to discover Spanish’ customs.

3 – Living a great work experience

Your internship in a Spanish’ company will allow you to discover a new way of working into a different rhythm.

4 – Enjoying an idyllic setting 

You’ll get the opportunity to enjoy some breath-taking landscapes between seas, countrysides, mountains and sunsets. Also, you’ll have the pleasure to live it up with the gorgeous sunny weather of Spain.

5 – Gastronomy

Spain is famous and considered for its rich and varied gastronomy, traditional dishes as gazpacho, paella or tortillas.

6 – Meet people

Spanish are quite generous and warm, they’ll welcome you and make you discover Spain.
Just come in and widen your mind, memorizing unforgettable memories.

7 – Take advantage of the life’s low cost

During your free time enjoy accessible local food, Coffee Bar and various activities quite cheap.

8 – Security

You can stay safely in Spain because it’s one of the most secured and safe country.

9 – Be placed before leaving

No bother! Your placement will be 100% insured by our services before leaving.  Contract = Plane = Enjoy ! 🙂

10 – Free accommodation and full board

Your accommodation will be in staff quarters in the hotel or in a shared apartment near. You will also have your 3  meals free of charge.

Everything is taken care for your stay with AICAP ! 😉


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